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Prices 2015

Lodging and meal prices 2015

Room size:
single room : 25€ /person (winter : 26€/pers)
double room: 22€ /person (winter : 23€/pers)
room for 3 to 4: 20€ /person (winter : 21€/pers)
room for 6: 18€ /person(winter : 19€/pers)

sheets: 5€/ 8€ /person

groups (more than 10): 18€/person(winter : 19€/pers)
municipal hotel tax: 0.80€/person/day
For very large groups, you can even reserve the entire B&B, including the kitchen facilities (you bring the food and do the cooking)
Based on an occupancy comprising 15 persons, the price varies according to the season

Autumn, spring and summer:
1 night: 300€, 2 nights: 550€
Winter (January, March): 1 night: 350€, 2 nights: 650€
3 or more nights: prices upon request
(10€ / supplementary person)

Christmas holiday, Saturday 22nd to 29th Dec.: 2000€
New Years holiday, Saturday 29th Dec. to 5th January: 2200€
Winter holidays in January and February, 1 week Sat. to Sat.: 2000€
For the above, prices are based on an occupancy comprising 15 persons,
50€ / supplementary person

All meals are prepared by Valérie at the B&B using fresh, local and in-season ingredients, such as cheese, butter, fruits, and vegetables. Bread, cakes and other baked goods, as well as fruit preserves, are also homemade.

Breakfast: 6.50€
Dinner: 15€ (wine and beer are available, but cost extra)
Picnic lunch: 8.5€

Upon special request, we can also cater for parties, brunches, etc.

Gite Pollen - route du Cormet - 73 210 Granier - SAVOIE - FRANCE